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High-lights for high performance - by Kowalski Professional and Sport Divers are increasingly associating the name Kowalski with reliable, robust and technically outstanding diving torches. Now wonder - after all, 23 years of torch development experience lie behind each and every Kowalski underwater torch.

Attention to detail and a quality finish Immaculate workmanship is Kowalski's core principle. The finished product consists of individually selected components installed by hand with the highest precision. A Kowalski torch is comprehensively tested and checked before it leaves the factory. Total waterproofing is a must.

Automatic complete discharge protectionA warning system that has been developed and improved upon by Kowalski ensures that divers are not suddenly left in the dark: the indicator light on the back is green during normal operation. When this light changes to red, it is a warning that there are only about eight minutes left before the battery is exhausted. After this, the torch will automatically switch itself off to protect the battery.

Small power units for high power lighting - from 26 -100 Watts Long-life and high quality Sanyo Nickel Cadmium batteries deliver optimal perfomance for Kowalski torches. Each Rechargeable battery undergoes a test prior to its installation. There are four different sizes of Kowalski torches.

Recharging made easy All Kowalski torches can be recharged without opening the torch. Depending on the model you choose, the recharging takes between 6.5 and 12 hours. After this, the charger switches itself to standby mode. The advantage is that Kowalski torches can be left to recharge for longer periods without incurring damage. The charger works on both 230V and 115V, so Kowalski torches can be used overseas without problems.

Power regulation The 'two-step' torch can be run at 50% power, thereby doubling its burn time. The 'dimmable' torch can be regulated between 20% and 100% of full power. The reduced power operation increases the burn time of the battery.

Long-life - even with continuous use The external casing consists of coated, completely sea-water resistant, aluminium. The casing components are finished to the highest precision and quality using state-of-the-art CNC technology. The sturdy casing and the perfect O-ring seal ensure pressure resistance to a depth of over 200m.

Accessories Neoprene protective sleeves are available for Kowalski torches in a variety of colours. Needless to say, we can also provide a lanyard with a carabiner. A replacement halogen bulb should be obligatory for holidays.


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