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5 Easy fixes for bigger, thicker eyelashes

Are your short and thin eyelashes standing in the way of your real beauty potential? Do you feel that you would have more to offer by displaying long, thick lashes? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Here is a short guide with five easy fixes that will enhance your natural sexiness:

Use Idol Lash

Idol Lash is the latest innovation in beautifying cosmetics that doubles the size of your eyelashes in less than a month. Studies show that daily applications enhance the length of your eyelashes with over 25% within the first weeks. Long-term use guarantees darker, denser hairs on your eyelids for minimal effort and a smaller price than most of the eyeliners on the market.

Apply Jojoba oil

The essence extracted from the Jojoba plant has a decisive role for eyelash enhancement. This natural oil nourishes the follicles of hair located on your eyelids, which are responsible for lash growth. Doctors recommend that you do not take this potent extract in its pure form but rather combined with other vitamins and herbal extracts in cosmetic products such as Idol Lash.

Use chamomile essence

Chamomile is a highly nourishing plant. The extract obtained from this herb is used to boost lash thickness by many types of eyeliner, including Idol Lash. Apply this beauty enhancer every day to increase the density of your eyelashes and brighten their appearance.

Take glycerin

A reliable eyelash thickener needs a high moisturizing component. This is why Idol Lash contains glycerin - the most powerful emollient found in nature. In combination with the rest of the nutrients, this substance ensures the durability and slickness of your lashes in the long term.

Fix your vitamin intake

Idol Lash has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it uses to protect your newly-grown hairs from destruction. These basic conditions for eyelash growth are backed by a significant amount of vitamins A, B5, C and K, which equal the power of dietary food supplements.

Why are Kowalski Torches and Video Lamps so sought after?

Whether you are looking for a simple but powerful diving torch or a highly advanced professional Video Setup, we have everything to meet your requirements. The best is not always prohibitively expensive and you may be surprised to see how affordable our lights are.

If you are a returning customer pleaselog yourself in.

October 2007 - after so many years using Ni-Cd why the switch to Lithium Ion Batteries? The latest technology from Kowalski The New Maxum 620 and Maxum 1250 torches are now available and will ultimately replace the existing Classic 620, 620 Speed, Classic 1250 and 1250 Speed. For over 30 years Erich Kowalski has been a firm supporter of the Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries used in Kowalski Torches and Video Lamps. He has moved with the fast developing technology regarding these batteries (more properly known as Accumulators) and they have matched or surpassed the performance of others economically available on the World markets.

Erich has also studied carefully the performance of the Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries used by many of his competitors and found them severely wanting. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries have been, until recently, far too expensive to make them economically viable. The Cadmium in Ni-Cd batteries is, however, a heavy metal that is not easily disposed of safely and, as a result, it has been decided that its use in batteries will not be permitted for any new goods sold within the European Community after 25th September 2008, except for some specific instances.

This O ring fits between the base of the torch and the casing. As Kowalski Torches are rarely opened, it is unlikely that this O ring will suffer damage in normal operation. If, however, you open the torch and this O ring is looking tired ot scuffed, it is worth replacing it. This O ring should be very lightly greased When changing the batteries, or any other Service, we would normally change this item

This O ring sits in front of the lens and acts as a final line of defence to prevent the lens popping out. The lens itself fits very tightly into another O ring. Neither the lens or that O ring should ever be removed. Occasionally, however, this outer O ring works itself loose, normally due to vigorous cleaning and it should be replaced as soon as possible. If it is lost, you should get another to replace it This O ring appears not to fit, because it looks too big, but by applying pressure to the lens and working it into the groove provided, it does! This O ring should be clean, but not greased.

Do I need to sign for my parcel? In most cases you do. It is always best to have the parcel delivered to you personally wherever you will be during normal working hours, since this helps to ensure that you will receive the parcel quickly and efficiently Offshore UK. For all larger parcels (over 1.5 Kg) our couriers make an extra charge for deliveries to offshore UK addresses such as the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Scilly Isles and, therefore we have to pass this charge on to you. If you live in, or if your chosen delivery Address is in these areas, please contact us to arrange delivery and payment. The charge may vary, but currently we would expect the charge to be £12 per parcel. Can you deliver to me outside the United Kingdom? Yes. We can deliver to most countries Worldwide. However there are a few countries to which we do not ship as a result of poor service from the delivery agents in those countries. Please contact us to arrange delivery and carriage costs. My order has been despatched but I have not received it yet? Please let us know as soon as possible and we will track and trace your parcel.

Use diving lamps to improve your scuba diving experience

Many people feel the thrills when they try scuba diving. It does not matter if it is the first time when you have this amazing experience. Every time when you will dive deep into the water you will feel fascinated by the aquatic flora and fauna. But if you dive really deep you know that the sun rays will not reach here and you will need a light source. Get your diving lamp when scuba diving and you will enhance considerably your experience.

Explore the underwater world under a different light

Dive on a shipwreck and play with the curious fishes. Venture in the underwater world and enjoy this activity that is seen by some people as an extreme sport, but it’s not. Although adrenaline will rush through your veins and it will seem a bit unfamiliar when you will first dive deeper and deeper, the light from your diving lamp will give you confidence and knowing that there is always an experienced diver by your side will make you become braver.

In case you wish to have an unforgettable first date with a girl you must invite her to a scuba diving experience. You will love the descent and how the environment and physics will change as you dive into this magical world. You will be in control while you will free fall, you will swoop down to the reef in perfect harmony and your diving lamp will show you the wonders of this world you are exploring.

The silence will embrace you when you will first dive and you will be surprised what a quiet place it is down there. It will be a nice contrast to the sound of wind and rattle of the boat engines, whether you will be in an indoor club in London or in an incredible ocean. Your breath will be relaxed, your heart rate will be a bit lowered and you will feel protected by the water surrounding you. When you dive in clear waters and under sunlight you must turn your lamp off and admire how the sun rays play on sand. The ocean floor will look like a giant dance floor for myriads of little creatures and you must admit that it fascinates you.

Diving lamps highlight unexpected details

The sense of adventure will not leave you until you will be back on the beach. Scuba diving will make you happy and see everything under a different light. Whether it is from your diving lamp or you are excited by this experience, scuba diving will turn out to be your favorite hobby and you will certainly be eager to repeat this adventure as soon as possible.

No matter how many times you would swim over the same reef, you will discover something new every time when you will dive under the water. You will notice interesting details, you will see a fish you did not know existed and you will be surprised to see how much the terrain changed. The sand dunes are different, you see the shapes from the underwater waves and each scuba diving session will help you discover something new. Bring your diving lamp and you will see every detail of the underwater world!


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